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Laminated Bench Tops To Give A Dramatic Transformation In Your Kitchen

Laminated bench tops have gone a huge transformation since its first advent in the 1950s. The Laminex and Formica bench tops, during the present times, is recognised as a revolutionary material for using in the kitchen benches.

Now after six decades, laminated wood bench tops are available in the market with vast finishes and designs and all due to the technological breakthrough in this industry. The variety is so wide that you can also use it in your laundry and bathroom. The laminated benchtops are extremely durable and hard wearing. On the basic level, the material is made of a combination of melamine, Kraft paper, high-quality print paper, and resins.

The high-quality print paper is required to imprint the image on surface finish. At the last stage, all the materials are layered and fused together under pressure and heat to produce a laminate. The finished products are available in the market on a large range of textures to suit every décor and preferences. From satin to glossy and textured to matt, there are a lot of options to explore and try in your kitchen.

The Benefits Of Laminate Bench Tops
Check out some of the advantages of laminated kitchen benchtops to reap its complete benefit,

  • They are cost-effective, extremely popular within means for affordability for budget conscious customers.
  • They are practical and hard wearing, will stand the test of time. As it is hard wearing, it is easy to maintain with stain and scratch.
  • Customers can pick from a wide range of patterns, colours, and finishes which includes stone and wood grains patterns.

Caring Methods Of The Product

No bench top last forever. However, you can care for the product to ensure it can last longer than usual. To make them look great for years to come, you can,
        Use a surface protector and trivet for dishes and hot saucepans. Do not place these items directly on the bench tops as it will make the laminated bench top material to break or blister.
Use chopping board always when you are using a sharp knife otherwise you might cut the bench top, which is not repairable.
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