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Destination wedding in India

You're not alone if you fancy a barefoot bash over a buttoned-up affair. So, if you ask whether the days of big, fat weddings are gone, there are quite a few options on the block and leading the pack is - destination weddings! When was the last time you saw tuxes in a barn or stilettos on the beach or dhotis on the hills?
Most of the time, the destination wedding planners will choose some leisure locations as they are more conducive to a casual feel. The scenery around the local banquet, even at the best of location, is pretty limiting. India is known for its diverse and colourful weddings and has been an object of wonderment to the West. Apart from being a symbol of culture and tradition, it is fast becoming a trend (no harm if you read it a fad) where couples are interested in organising their D-day bash at someplace other than their known locale.
While there’s no denying the appeal of a romantic destination wedding, we have seen how couples freak out when asked about their plan of the event. So here's what we think as an Indian wedding planner every couple should understand when it comes to destination wedding arrangements.

·         Know the place

Your destination wedding planner will be like the personal directory of recommendations and reviews. The last thing you want to do is waste precious time searching for the best photo spot or find who serves the best dish there locally. Leave all your worries to the planner and have a whole hearted discussion about the particulars before you actually pack your bags. It is important to keep in mind how your destination must have all of the resources to accommodate the more-than-basic-needs of your guests.
Speaking about guests' needs, one of the most important destination wedding tips is to let your guests know well in advance. There's can always be some fiscal hurdles in travelling to your ceremony and reception.

·         Think about the decor budget

We have seen how the couples forget to slash the decor budget. We are one of those Indian wedding planners who would help you think indigenous when it comes to decorating. So whether you are at a hill station or a beach resort, the decor from the local stock makes it a big save for your pocket. Far-flung weddings are generally intimate, which by extension means less obligatory invites. Also, as the locale will be largely new to everybody, your big day will be every bit as exciting for your guests as for you. So, by every means, the destination itself and not the extra decor is what the guests will be more interested into.

·         Connections with local vendors

Let's tell us a little secret - we know all the vendors you will require for the wedding. And most importantly, we know the right people. Florists, DJs, videographers, catering services - name it and we have the top network of go-to pros in the locale. There's little chance you can dislike our recommendations!

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