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A wedding anniversary is always a special occasion where not just the couple but the friends and families reminiscence the sweet and sour moments of the day years ago.  Celebrating the anniversary of your parents is definitely one of the most interesting things to the squad in for all the right reasons! Because they have invested most of their lifetime in nurturing you, it is one of the best occasions to show them some love and gratitude.

Choose any of the following ways to enjoy with your parents on their anniversary:

Considering the time of the year, you can plan to party outside in the common area of your apartment complex. Also, it will be equally thrilling to plan for a backyard party where you can invite more than you could have in an indoor setting.

If you are planning to gather all our family members on the special day of your parents, send out invitations at least two months in advance. Mention the date, time, venue and reason or create e-cards with reminders to make it look more elegant.

As you plan the event, you have to plan the food as well. Chances are, there will be more people of your parent’s age when they have restrictions of certain food types. Ask your guests in advance to make the party personalised with their choice of food on the menu.  Do not forget to include the favourite dishes of your parents.

Pick the right music for your parents.  However, the choice for the music must not be too loud for obvious reasons!

Some of the classic anniversary gift choices for parents

Set of personalized wine glasses

Wine is a wonderful and sophisticated drink that offers many health benefits. It contains many antioxidants that help to fight the free radicals for improved health. Did you know red wine is rich in silicon making it one of the best options for bone mineral density improvement? Thus, how about getting the name of your mom and dad printed or opting for a nice personal message to make the glasses special?


For retired parents, indoor plants are certainly one of the best gifts. If they already have the hobby for the greens, this is definitely a wise choice. Even if they don’t, it could be a great hint to start something interesting. A set of 2 or 3 plants or a dish garden such as the breeds of Syngonium, areca palm, sansevieria, peace lily, pothos, or snake plant take away the harmful toxins from indoor air. The good luck plants such as the money plant, or lucky bamboo tree are equally interesting for an anniversary.

Cake and flower

This combo can never be stale and is a signature for love and care. Expressing the right amount of emotion for your loved ones, you can plan surprising your mom and dad right at midnight or early in the morning. Search for the event management companies near me to help you find the yummiest cake and the freshest flowers!

If you are planning to make your parents go pleased and overjoyed and see that when-did-my-child-grow-up look, search for event management companies near me! Holydelights is one of the top planners in the city who can help you arrange all the details you want to inculcate.
Wishing your parents a healthy and happy life ahead!

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