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4 Things Every Millennial Should Follow for a Winter Wedding

We know how tricky it gets for the guests to get, all clad up in winter months, specially for a wedding ceremony. There is possibly no one who would love to wear unsightly sweater over a designer lehenga or saree. Also, falling ill by braving the winter chill is also no wise choice. While winter sunsets are definitely one of the dreamiest scenes to behold, creating a dazzling time for romance, arranging the winter weddings is a different concept altogether.

Get more layers

It is far more than just randomly putting on a scarf or a jacket. You definitely have to find the right one that will complement your dress. In fact, the fashionistas of the Indian wedding planner suggest wearing interesting jacket with traditional wear can make your look go a long way! Team up everything - from a saree to anarkali with a trendy jacket that can install some warm padding. Pashmina shawl, for instance is one of the most elegant option to go along with saree. Try opting for heavier fabrics such as silk and velvet over the cotton. Flaunt the trendiest jackets or put on a trendy or traditional Kashmiri or silk jacket to make a signature style statement.

Arrange for hot beverages

To keep yourself and your guests warm, hot beverages is mandatory. Just holding a warm cup of coffee or soup can at times be a soothing experience.  Or else, get up and dance to warm up your body. Sometimes, if you have juice, lassi, or stack of ice creams, there will be loads of guests who would not think twice to taste them, which can make them sick. Now, it is not always that the guests will leave that night after the ceremony, specially the relatives. So, you have to be extra careful while choosing the beverages. One of the unusual hot beverage is Kada which is made from ginger, tulsi and a host of herbs and water that guards you against common colds.

It's more than just dressing up

There are many pros to getting hitched in the cosy months. While the first thing that comes to mind is what to wear, there are a lot of other options you need to keep in mind. Right from choosing the warm menu to setting up the appropriate decor, top wedding planners in Kolkata will consider many points while arranging a winter wedding.
Cosy accents, glittering metallics, as well as the seasonal foliage are some of the most elegant choices for the ambiance in a cold wedding.

Now the cons

Talking about the dress and menu is all interesting but there are some logistic concerns that must also be considered. Talking about the cons, sunset's infamous "golden hour" will give you lesser window in the winter months and so the photographer has to be quick and apt. It is often the most favourite time to click the outdoor wedding photos; the planning must be done accordingly.

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