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5 Top Heritage Wedding Venues for a Plush Wedding

What comes next after she says yes? Wedding planning. And, while all Bollywood movies made you think it is all about singing Kabira and dancing on the Mehendi nights, there's way more than that! The planning requires intricate decision day in and day out.

Also, the biggest mistake you can do is possibly getting all the responsibility on your shoulders. No matter how millennial you are, how many apps you have or how amazing friends you have got, arranging a wedding is a different ball game that needs expertise. And we would suggest you, to leave all your worries to the expert Indian wedding planner, for a seamless organised event.

That being said, destination weddings has been the choice for many couples these days and choosing the same said venues are too mainstream! To add a sense of spice and movie-mania to the entire event, we bring you some of the main top heritage wedding venues that will make your special day look chic in every sense.


Admired by Indians as well as international folks, the city is adorned with lakes and palaces. Exist through the city's expanse, you would not just be fascinated by the unique setting of the marriage ceremony, but there will be some of the most popular destinations that will ooze affluence, splendour and royalty. City Palace Udaipur is possibly the perfect dream destination for any couple who loves heritage and tradition.


The Taj group has now acquired the former residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur. It is one of the most luxurious properties, the Rambagh Palace that stands as the quintessence of Indo-Saracenic architectural style. With the top wedding planners in Kolkata, you can definitely plan for a majestic nuptial ceremony. When at Jaipur, it is not just the Rambagh Palace, ‘Pink City’ has a lot to offer. 


Bangalore Palace accommodates all sorts of events such as weddings, concerts and more. Book the Tudor-style wedding halls along the periphery of the Palace. Its vast circumference is perfect for holding various events and serves as a beautiful heritage sight. Burroughs and Watts from England, stained glass windows and Venetian chandeliers is definitely going to make your special day a signature example for others!


It is not always the cultural heritage that matter but nature in itself has a lot to offer. Travelling along the misty roads of Kerala pre and post your special day, will be an outstanding experience. Adding to the thrill will be the serene backwaters and the charming beaches. You can get the heritage hotels booked for the wedding with all the latest amenities.


If being regal had a face, it is Jodhpur. Serves as the gateway to the only desert of India, it will host you with some eye-popping havelis and other forts that can keep you enchanted with its stories

We know how fascinating all these sound. Don’t you want to make the day eventful as well. Get to to find out more!
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