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Of the few extra-expensive life events, the wedding seems to be on the top three. While buying your home or car is definitely worth the splurge, many believe that weddings can be conducted in a limited budget as well. With fewer guests coming in or slashing on the extravagant decor ideas, this is where you can make the entire thing without investing in too many resources.

If you are involving budget wedding planner in Kolkata, the experts will help you find out where exactly you can rehash your budget. Before getting there, here is a list of options you can check out to make the wedding cost bearable –

Finding the venue

The wedding venue, especially the ones at the heart of the city or with lots of amenities, can be costly. However, if you choose a marriage date that is not the typical astrological dates, chances are you can get them at flexible budgets. This means, the wedding date makes a difference and this should be decided by both the families keeping in mind the rest of the factors.

Food and Drink Menu

The best way to save in this is if you don’t overextend the menu with the complicated fare. You can cut down on the extensive part of the refreshments and dessert options and concentrate on the main course. Sometimes, you think of making menus that are not particularly seasonal vegetables or meat. This also charges up the entire price which can be easily slashed.

Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Yes, we all want to have a keepsake of the day of our wedding. However, getting both photographers and videographers can be expensive. When you have the best wedding planner in Kolkata, they can provide you a package where they will give a consolidated price if you want both the services. Otherwise, you can choose someone who is a freelance photographer, or maybe one of your friends you has a good camera and enjoys getting involved in such gigs.

Ceremony Decorations

Think twice whether you actually need the original flowers or the special orchid for the decor. Keeping in mind the venue space, and how much you need to decor, try and get creative with the decoration ideas. Slash on the table centerpieces or the extra-opulent chandeliers.

Wedding Attire

One of the biggest budget constraints comes in buying the wedding attire. While everyone wishes that the wedding dress and the make-up must be unique and a class apart than the rest, there's no harm if you can be a little flexible with the choice. Get in touch with a stylist who will advise on how to get the makeup and what accessories can you buy to keep up the bridal look without spending tons.

The wedding invitations, return gifts and other tertiary categories should also be budgeted accordingly. For instance, instead of mailing, you can opt for the e-invites. Get in touch with the experts of Holydelights who can help you get the right plan for the event.

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