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Must Have Jewellery for the South Indian Bride

South Indian Bridal Jewellery – You Could Never Miss | Zaamor ...
The South Indian bride on her wedding looks sensational, scintillating and striking. She awes everyone the way she looks with the traditional attire. Indian wedding traditionally has a lot of jewellery. Today's millennial brides although look for different versions of the existing designs of jewellery but there is a traditional value attached to each of the pieces of ornaments. The event planners in India can help in planning the entire ceremony in a way that compliments the look of the bride. That being said, the following are the most common pieces of ornaments used by the bride in a South Indian wedding -


A Vankiis or choker is frequently bought by every South Indian bride as part of her wedding jewellery. This is typically passed on from one generation to another. So, soon after the wedding, it finds its place mostly in the bank lockers!  In today's “Choker cum Vanki” design, brides can adorn it in both the ways and make it trendier in look!

Cocktail Rings

Apart from the engagement ring, every bride buys a pre marriage ring which can go for any occasion. When you choose a cocktail ring or an oversized ring, which is the choice of many brides these days, the ornament can be sported in a number of occasions. The best part is, it can fit well for both personal and professional gatherings. You can choose any geometric patterned ring but obviously the circular ones are most popular. Some also like the oval shapes and the asymmetric designs. A more euphoric feel can be given with multi-finger ring style.


These are very important part of bridal trousseau and are generally chosen in a set. They are selected such that the bride can adorn on a daily basis for both professional and personal space. Today, there are plenty of options for mix and match bangles that suit every occasion. When you look for event planners near me, they can help you pick the authentic jewellery shop or brands that will provide the best designs of bangles.


A Vaddanam will definitely help to add elegance to every bridal look. Apart from accentuating the brides' grace and poise, it fixes the saree in its place as well! A South Indian Vaddanam typically is the belt style although there are plenty of styles these days. The multi utilization such as the 5-in-1 Vaddanam or 3-in-1 Vaddanams are sometimes redefined to a haram or a necklace and gives a fusion look to the entire set.


This is an essential addition to a bridal jewellery list. You can find it in varying lengths although the ideal length is something that is bride specific. Depending on her styling preference, she can get the traditional ones or a trendier diamond set.
Although these are the basic set of jewellery for a South Indian bride, you can get many more choices in today’s jewellery shops.

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