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How to Hire a Realtor: Tips from a Realtor with 9 Years of Work Experience

Selling or buying real estate is a responsible business, and most people today prefer to entrust it to a professional who has sufficient experience and knowledge to complete the transaction quickly and profitably for the client. But choosing a real estate agent also requires some knowledge. I am ready to share some secrets that are not obvious to a person far from the market. My experience as a realtor is almost 10 years. I hope my advice will help you!

1. Don't hire multiple agents at once

Sometimes the living space needs to be sold urgently, but in this case, using the services of several realtors is a bad idea. First, it's expensive. And if you have not entered into a contract with real estate agent, he will not have a guarantee of payment and the maximum he will do is place your ad on a popular website. You can do this yourself. Secondly, if three people sell the goods at once, then they will differ from each other only in the lower price, therefore, the realtor who will offer the lowest price and find a buyer faster will achieve success, but the seller will receive a minimum benefit if he receives her at all.

2. Choose the best

Gone are the days when a person had only the option "take what they give." Word of mouth and reviews on the Internet allow you to find the best specialist or agency in your niche. The same Internet allows you to bring to the surface those who have invested in advertising instead of raising their qualifications: you can always track how effective the methods offered to you by the realtor are in reality, whether his properties are selling well.

It is worth remembering that the services of a competent specialist can cost a little more, but the result of his work will pay off in full. Don't forget the adage: the miser pays twice. By hiring a poor but cheap realtor, you will lose both money and time, and then you will have to hire a specialist again.

3. To reduce or not to reduce the price of an apartment?

To sell housing faster, many realtors advise to lower the price or ask you to try online property valuation tools. You should not blindly trust such recommendations; you should ask what he is arguing with? Has he studied the market for similar real estate? What is the price of a square? Did he take into account the presence / absence of repairs in similar apartments? All the words of the agent must be supported by facts.

4. Find out how the agent will look for buyers

It is worth clarifying what the realtor will do if the advertisement does not give the desired result and no one calls on the ad? Is he going to call potential buyers himself? Where will he get their contacts, does he have a base?

For example, you are planning to sell an apartment that has great investment attractiveness for those who are engaged in renting out housing. Does the realtor have contacts of such people?

5. I tell you how to identify a good specialist

A good realtor can do both in an agency or be a private person, but in the latter case, he will definitely have an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity with whom an agreement is concluded. If the agent offers to do without unnecessary formalities, this is a reason to be wary, if anything, then you will not be able to prove that it was he who accompanied your transaction. Even if everything goes smoothly, such an attitude is a sign of a specialist's disregard for your property.

Now every self-respecting professional of any niche maintains his own blog, has pages on social networks, where he talks about everyday life, shares the secrets of the profession, invites you to participate in marathons, and so on. See if your chosen agent has a blog or page and how open it is on social media. Reviews can say a lot, not only on his, but also on third-party sites.

And finally, a competent realtor will not promise to become a canary for a penny. The realtor's services have a cost that the specialist will name immediately (at least as a percentage of the transaction amount). He also will not dodge and say "our people, we will be counted".

I hope that my advice will help you find a competent, decent realtor who will help you solve your real estate problems on the best terms. If you have any questions, I will answer in the comments!

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