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Wedding Flower Trends That Will Blossom in 2021

Flowers are an integral piece of natural art, and with the top event organisers in Kolkata, you can have some of the finest floral decor ideas for your ceremony. Flowers bring in a lot of elements such as colors, greens, and foliage. When they are decorated collectively, there's hardly anything better that can bring out a more romantic vibe to the ceremony. When it comes to your wedding flowers, being innovative is one idea, but with the pandemic in question, sustainability is also important. 

Undoubtedly, the wedding trends for 2021 are going to be influenced by the lockdown of 2020. The passion to celebrate will be different. 

Micro Weddings

With less than 20 guests, these intimate ceremonies will truly reflect who all are important to you in life. So, couple would want flowers that can set the tone and stage for their special day. Experts across the wedding industry believe that the traditions will be a defining feature of 2021 weddings, and so the choice for floral decors will be from timeless bouquets to nostalgic fragrances. 

Macro Weddings

On the flip side, some couples will call it to celebrate! The world has been plagued for almost a year and its time to slowly loose the restrictions. Depending on the region of the world in focus, and their cultural background, the buzz for floral decor can change. The rest of the decor such as the plants, furniture, and over the top table decor and flowers should complement the entire look and theme of the ceremony.

Gratitude Based Themes

After a year like 2020, family gatherings at wedding or birthdays will have a deeper meaning and reflect on the gratitude for good health and safety. The Event planners in India can help you create an opportunity that can let you celebrate with loved ones. Small personalized gifts incorporating beautiful florals can be a warm way of showing gratitude.

A Modern Twist

Planning to create a more out-of-the-box and innovative ideas. Couples are increasingly looking outside the common looks for the wedding industry for suppliers who can fit in their choices. Couples are looking beyond the wedding industries such as interiors and fashion designers to create a vision. 

Bollywood Glam

This theme can be from retro elegance (small scale) to an all out powerhouse party. With the right budget to spend, floral aisle markers and fancy backdrops, can help you transform almost any space. Imagine a simple combination of rose petals and candles that can light up any space. Tighter arrangements and symmetrical shapes are ideal when you have a formal look in mind.

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