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Silver Jewelery - An Elegant Choice for Brides To Be

Weddings should be gala - at least when it comes to looks!. And if talking about the bride, there should be no stones unturned to find out what can make the lady look the prettiest on her big day. While the traditional looks for every region and culture in India, or for that matter in every place in the world calls for a particular type. But when you speak with the new age wedding event management companies, they will tell you why there may be more to modern affairs than just the traditional choices. 

The reason is simple, no matter how much you veer towards gold, the silver ornaments have a very special elegant quotient attached to them. And, then there is price. You cannot ignore how much we all have to be vigilant when you are wearing even the simplest of the golden earrings. Also, there's a lot of scope to mix these silver jewelry with other types of ornaments such as kundan. With the golden ones, you can hardly pair it with anything other than that of the same metal. 

Come to think of it. An elaborate set of silver set in trousseau is one of the most gorgeous options. You can only imagine how bright the trousseau looks when it is filled with kundans, the emeralds, the rubies, and the sapphires, and also with the silver ones. So, if you have any doubt why you are eyeing these drool-worthy state-of-the-art jewelry pieces in silver, you are right in choice! 

Things to consider before buying silver jewelry 

  • Durability: If you are hard on your jewelry or if you deal with a lot of work that involves flame and water, silver might not be the ideal option for you. It is a very soft metal and prone to scratches. If you don't mind ornaments collecting signs of time, you can go for it. You can consult with the experts of Bengali wedding planner in Kolkata to find out about the best brands that have silver ornaments.

  • Finish: Silver is a very versatile metal that can be carved in many minute finishes. From bright white to oxidized black, high polish to soft satin, silver can have a lot of looks. However, there are also risked to corrosion specially when they are regularly worn. And, the minute silver works can even break off leaving out the shine. 

  • Budget: Understandably, silver costs much less than the other precious metals. This can be very helpful for some couples. Weddings are expensive and if you are fan of this white metal, it will definitely cut out a lot of the budget than what it would have cost you with the golden ornaments. Also, if you want to gift your partner a ring on your anniversaries, going with the gold can be tough. Silver stands as a fancy yet meaningful option. 

If you are looking for a trusted name who can help you get the marriage ceremony conducted seamlessly, you are at the right place. Holydelights is a top of the line name event management company who can help you create a memorable event.

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